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Dose #33 – Squirts of Identity

Today, art that looks like a carpet…but I invite you to take a closer look and read the story behind this phenomenal art by Beijing-based artist Na Wei.

We continue with Statement of the HeART at Art Stage Singapore
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Dose #33: Squirts of Identity
“Being Squeezed” series of Na Wei

Spotted at: Art Experience Gallery, Booth F8, Art Stage Singapore 2015

The Idea: squirting paint as a painting style; replicating cultural symbols using paint on canvas
In the case of artist Na Wei – he mimics the ethnic carpets of his people using paint squirts.


Being Squeezed series by Na Wei
oil on canvas


Being Squeezed series by Na Wei
oil on canvas


A section of the artwork above
Layers of Squirts of oil paint – incredible!

“From a distance, Na Wei’s works in the “Being Squeezed” series appear as gorgeous wall hanging carpets.  Approaching them, you will be surprised to discover that the delicate patterns are not knitted with yarn; they are, created with infinite microscopic threads of oil paint that have been thoughtfully applied.  These are oil paintings in the form of woven carpets, 2 to 3 cm in thickness, 3-dimensional, having the power to topple the viewer’s senses, and the viewer is led to believe a subverted visual experience.”
– Info from PR of  Na Wei’s “Being Squeezed” exhibition

The gallery director was kind enough to give me an artist’s catalog and so I wish to share with you the information I have gathered:

NA wei

Chinese Artist Na Wei
Photo courtesy of Art Experience Gallery, Hong Kong


What sparked Na Wei’s interest in the squirting painting method?
He stepped on some paint tubes on the floor by accident. Read the rest of the story below…


What is the significance of carpets to Na Wei? 
Na Wei belongs to a cultural minority group living in Northern China. Carpets and tapestries are daily necessities to his people to help keep the bitter cold out. Read more below…



Being Squeezed series by Na Wei
oil on canvas


rx-logo-11So do… reflect on artist Na Wei’s thoughts on “Squeeze” – he thinks “it’s a good word to depict the state of  life regardless of what social class you belong to – you are caught in a squeezed condition with time, space and competitors.  “Being Squeezed” is a representative life experience in today’s fast-paced competitive society.”

Ponder on this —- are you being squeezed? Are you squeezing others? Are you treating yourself or others in a way that you push yourself/others to your/their wits’ end?

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