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Dose #30 – Isolation and Integration

Today, an artist expresses through ceramics and photography his personal experience of isolation and integration in a new place and culture… We continue with Statement of the HeART at Art Stage Singapore 2 of … Continue reading

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Dose #29 – Chanel of Expression

Last week,  I had the privilege of experiencing a plethora of art from all around the world at Art Stage Singapore. I wish to share with you some of the … Continue reading

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Passion for Photography 7: Shutter Mission

Inspired by yesterday’s feature of a collaboration for the environment in the Philippines, we now visit Shutter Mission on the worldwide web. It is an on-line depot for all opportunities for photographers … Continue reading

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Passion for Photography 6: Melvyn Calderon – Nature/Collaborations for a Cause (Philippines)

From the USA, we head to the Philippines and get acquainted with noted international photojournalist Melvyn Calderon.  It is curious to see how he has moved in a different direction and … Continue reading

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Passion for Photography 5: Rick Rocamora – Documentary & Marginalized Subjects (USA)

From the Windy City we head to the Golden state to meet award-wining documentary photographer Rick Rocamora. His has been an interesting life journey from being an executive in an international … Continue reading

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Passion for Photography 4: Gretchen Villaluna Baria- Moments & Milestones (USA)

From sunny Phuket, we now head to ‘Windy City’ Chicago to meet American photographer Gretchen Villaluna Baria.  Her background in dance, martial arts, music, theater, and writing adds to her unique … Continue reading

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Passion for Photography 3: Fabrice Guitteaud- Fashion (Thailand -France)

From Sydney we now move on to Phuket, Thailand and get to know French photographer Fabrice “Bill” Guitteaud and his fashion photography. Name: Fabrice “Bill” GUITTEAUD Name of Company: FRANCO MEDIA CO., … Continue reading

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Passion for Photography 2: Luisa Dingal Blanco- Engagements & Weddings (Australia)

From Holland we now go Down Under and meet Australian photographer Luisa Dingal Blanco and learn of her passion for telling love stories. Name: Luisa Dingal Blanco Name of Company: Luisa … Continue reading

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Passion for Photography 1: Maurits van Hout – People & Personalities (The Netherlands)

Welcome to a new week here on DDoA. Being an artist and an eager learner, I am naturally  interested in how things come to be. Thus, when I meet creative professionals, I am … Continue reading

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Simple Homemade Christmas Gifts 1- Photocards

It’s simple. Find the best nature and wildlife photography you have taken this year and make a postcard collection-gift set for the nature lovers in your life. Here is a … Continue reading

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