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Dose #26 – Ice Cream Soap

Today, ice cream so sweet smelling you want to lather yourself with it in the shower –and yes, you can with this ice cream from Japan!

We continue with our 7 Truly Kawaii Japanese Products
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Dose #26: Ice Cream Soap

Spotted at: TABLES Gift Shop, Omotesandō Train Station, Tokyo

The Idea: Soap that looks and smells like fruity ice cream bars

The Possibilities: What about ice cream cone soap? soft serve? And before you think that’s a silly idea, check out the video I discovered below…


Ice Cream Soap, Tables Gift Soppe
Omotesandō , Japan

Inspired by Tables ice cream soap, I went on you tube to check if there were any ice cream soap tutorials, and here’s what i found – Ice cream Cone soap by Go Planet Earth -check it out!

rx-logo-11So do…try new and creative ways to present essential everyday products.

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  1. Chrissy Layton
    January 26, 2015


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