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Dose # 19 – Thomas Yang’s Tyre Track Prints

TIRE TRACKS – it may appear like a most unusual art tool  but to our featured artist Thomas Yang- it is a medium that comes quite naturally.

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Dose #19: Thomas Yang’s Tyre Track Prints

Spotted at: 100 copies.net

The Inspiration/Idea:
“The idea came up while I was toying around with ideas on how I can paint with a bicycle. Tire tracks were the first thing in my mind. Then I went further to explore the characteristics on each of the tire pattern and realized that I could possibly paint some building structures” – Thomas Yang

The Series:
Singapore-based cycling enthusiast-artist Thomas Yang made four different print series: – “The Cyclist’s Empire” (the Empire State Building), “God Save the Bike” (Tower Bridge), “Bicycle Mon Amour” (Eiffel Tower) and “The Unforbidden Cyclist” (the Forbidden City), producing only 100 printed copies of each one. All of them were quickly sold out, with the proud owners being listed on 100copies.net.

Yang says of the 100 copies collection of Tyre Track prints: It is..“a  collection of art prints that not only feature, but is also driven by, the passion for cycling.  As with cycling, speed is of the essence, so each piece of work is limited to 100 copies only.”


The artist Thomas Young holding “God Save the Bike” (Tower Bridge)
Photo from 100copies.net
“Come traffic, hell or high water, nothing will stop London’s rising bike culture, thanks to its protected cycle lanes. Admire its leafy parks and iconic architecture, including the Tower Bridge, meticulously crafted here with 11 unique tyre tracks. Keep calm and ride on.”
– Artist statement about his work “God Save the Bike”
Click here to see details of the work
Click here to learn about the other 3 prints by Thomas Yang

 About the Artist:
Info from behance

When Thomas Yang was at the tender age of three, his mother walked in one day to find him on the living room floor happily doodling away. Since then, she’s found Thomas to be happiest when he has a pencil in his hand and paper in front of him.

So it came as no surprise to her, or to anyone else, that Thomas would eventually complete his education from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1992.

Obsessively passionate about drawing, design, and ideas, he discovered advertising after he graduated. And there, he found his true calling.

Thomas believes that strategic thinking precedes craft. And that the mark of any great art director is flexibility – having a design sense that is unrestricted by a particular style.

Thomas’s big break came in 1998 when he won Best New Art Director at the Singapore Creative Circle Awards. After which he went on to bag over 300 regional and international awards at major shows such as D&AD, The One Show, Cannes, Clio, AdFest and The Spikes. In 2011, besides winning The Creative Director of the Year in the Hall Of Fame award, he was also one of the top 10 highest ranked creative directors in Cannes.

Read more on behance.net

IMG_0127 cool

The passionate artist and biker Thomas Yang at his home studio
Photo from 100copies

Thomas’ response to my question :“What message do you have for the world about biking?”
I think the bicycle is the best human invention to date. No matter how old you are, anyone should learn to ride on two wheels. The benefits are endless…. and I hope I can share that with the world through my bicycle art. :)” -Thomas Yang


rx-logo-11So do… ponder on Thomas Yang’s words : “strategic thinking precedes craft”.


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