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Dose # 18 – Lock-Lah

Today we look into a new invention by 3 young Indonesians in Singapore to help combat bicycle theft in the Lion City (and hopefully around the world)…

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Dose #18: Lock-Lah

Spotted at: La Salle News and Today

The Idea: 

  • With their simple, fuss-free and streamlined design to combat the problem of bicycle thefts in Singapore, LASALLE final year Product Design students Ms.Joanna Christie Lie (20) and Ms. Yanti Agustin (20) collaborated with industry professional Mr. Inigo (a technical specialist with Toyota) to gain the top prize of $10,000 and a trophy in a national competition for a new bicycle bay design. Info from lasallenews
  • Called “Lock-lah”, the specially-designed bicycle rack impedes access to the front wheel of the bicycle, while offering additional loops to secure the frame and back wheels with a cable lock. Info from Today
  • The Bicycle Bay Design Competition was launched by the Singapore Police Force and the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC)  in early 2013 in an effort to curb the rising number of bicycles being stolen Info from Sttraits Times

The Indonesian team behind LOCK LAH -Ms Lie (right) and Ms Agustin (left) and Mr Inigo
Photo from LaSalle News

The Singapore Police Force and the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) have already started to implement LOCK LAH. By the end of 2014, 120 racks with the LOCK LAH mechanism had already been installed in 12 bicycle bays in various locations in Singapore. Read more on Today

Read  “LOCK-LAH to Prevent Bicycle Theft” on the Straits Times

Read “New initiatives launched to deter bicycle theft” on Today


rx-logo-11So do… remember that when smart design and appropriate technology come together – great life- enhancing products are bound to be born. So designers and engineers, don’t be shy to mingle!

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