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Dose #5: The Box-size Store

Would you believe me if I told you that having a physical store for your products doesn’t have to measure in terms of floor space, but just a box-space???

We continue with 7 Sunny Ideas from Suntec City!
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Dose #5: The Box-size Store

Spotted at: BOX KING, Suntec City, Singapore

The Idea: Rent a box, Start a business

Imagine the Possibilities: whether you craft your own products or you’re purely an entrepreneur – there is room now for everyone to start a business. It may appear to be a pile of landfill-bound knick knacks- but imagine if this was a green collaborative? Imagine if all the products displayed in the individual box-size stores were homemade organic products with zero packaging…useful, biodegradable living essentials….

Box King 1

A multitude of box-size stores  in one convenient location…

Box King 2

Rental fee depends on size and location of your ‘box-size store’

Box King 3

Like a mini megastore – there’s something to suit every taste.

Box King 4

Imagine this business concept adapted to feature local organic and recycled homemade products…

Box King 6

I just discovered that there are many other ventures of this nature in Singapore. Box King is just one of them. Check out this list of “retail box”  for rent

rx-logo-11So do…remember that it’s not how big your store is, but it’s primarily the LOCATION you’re in. And this rent-a-box business idea puts you in a good starting position…(But remember to sell earth-friendly products)

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