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Dose #6: The FISHtival Wall

Today, see fish of every shape & size swim together out of water…

We continue with 7 Sunny Ideas from Suntec City!
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Dose# 6: The FISHtival Wall

Spotted At: Marché at Suntec City, Singapore (Visit their website)

The Idea: A feature theme wall. The format of the items do not matter so long as it goes with the theme…

The Possibilities: As you can see, even objects intended to be table-mounted are now mounted on the wall. And also, the material and the finish do not matter – if they are of the same theme, they will fit together. So big, small, wood, ceramic, wire–anything goes!

FISHtival Wall-Marche

rx-logo-11So do…put something fun on your wall! Choose a theme that inspires you or cheers you up.  Then go find objects on that theme that you already have (or make some out of discarded and recycled material), then fill your wall with bountiful goodness!

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