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Dose #4: The United Divider

Today, unifying different elements to divide space…such a lovely irony isn’t it?

We continue with 7 Sunny Ideas from Suntec City!
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Dose # 4: The United Divider

Spotted at: BEANstro, Suntec City, Singapore

The Idea: A dynamic Multi-Section Iron Grill Divider that creates a little privacy without completely blocking view/light.  The basic and unifying element is the square, and various aluminum/steel elements are used to fill that space.

Imagine the Possibilities:  How about using the idea to make a 2-sided feature divider for artworks???? (allowing art of the same size to slide in  & be interchanged easily)

United-Divide 1

Here’s how they used a shorter version of the iron grill divider
on the other side of the dining area…

United-Divide 5

Here are some close up images of the individual square sections:

United-Divide 2

United-Divide 3

United-Divide 4

rx-logo-11So do…think about how this applies to us in life: share your gifts and shine together as a community….

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