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Spring ‘Roll’ Crafts 5: The Blooming Tree

Today I will show you how you can make a lovely flowering tree using a paper towel roll, a doily, some cardboard and stickers.


  • paper towel roll
  • doily
  • cardboard
  • white craft glue
  • scissors
  • cutting blade
  • glue gun
  • acrylic paint
  • flower stickers -I used Cherry Blossoms
  • regular acrylic or dimensional paint of the following colours: pink & 3 shades of green
  • gold glitter glue or dimensional paint
  • wood-like design self-adhesive drawer liner

Let’s begin…


Step 1 – Cut the paper towel roll to the height that you need. This all depends on the size of your doily.

Step 2 – Adhere doily to cardboard using the white craft glue; cut cardboard following contours of doily.

Step 3 – Make end covers and attach to roll using a glue gun.

*Note: It is important to put something inside the roll to give it a little weight; otherwise, it’s too light to stand on its own. It could easily be blown away by the wind. So, just before you glue on the end cover, you can put in a little bag of sand or perhaps some Mung beans to give it a little jiggle.

Step 4- Cut a slit in the middle of end cover all the way through 1″ of the roll. (careful with the blade!)

Step 5-  Insert the doily into the slit and adhere using the glue gun.
And there you have it- a paint and sticker ready tree to use in your Spring-themed class.

To Teachers:
Here’s a lovely video to use as an intro to the tree painting activity to encourage tree planting.
“Let’s Plant A Tree” by Patty Shukla

Check out my sample…
– I used Cherry Blossom stickers (aka Sakura- got them from Art Friend Singapore).
– For the paints I used: acrylic paint:3 shades of green
dimensional paint:glitter gold, fuchsia
– I wrapped the trunk with some wood-like self-adhesive drawer liner. Since my Sakura stickers have a bit of gold, I decided to spread the gold and glitter from the flowers down to the trunk.

Have fun painting and embellishing your personal tree!


SPRING ROLL CRAFTS 5: The Blooming Tree
Designed & Crafted by Paulina Constancia on Daily Dose of Art


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