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“Spring Roll” Crafts 2: The Polka Bunny

For the second part of our Spring Roll Crafts series, I bring you The POLKA BUNNY. I will show you how to make The Polka Bunny Sticker Activity Kit that children aged 2 to 92 can enjoy. Nobody is ever too young or too old for some sticker fun!


Checks & Dots Coordinates


  • toilet paper roll
  • cardboard
  • white bond paper
  • 2 checkered origami or chiyogami paper (pink and blue colours)
  • black construction paper
  • pink construction paper
  • blue and white dot stickers
  • glue gun
  • scissors
  • cutting knife
  • a pair of googly eyes
  • black permanent marker

Let’s begin…

Steps to making  “The Polka Bunny Sticker Activity Kit”

polka bunny materials-DDoA

Step 1 – Wrap the paper roll with white bond paper. (use tape or glue gun to adhere) Set aside.

Step 2 – Cut out the following from cardboard: paper roll end cover, bunny ears, bunny feet, bunny nose (2 little round shapes on the left of photo above).


*Special thanks to my Japanese friend Misa for sending me some lovely two sided chiyogami paper. I cut out the pink bunny ears and checkered feet from the same sheet.

Step 3 – Use the checkered and plain papers to cover the cardboard shapes. Note: For bunny nose adhere checkered pink paper to one, then glue whiskers behind that (In my example, I glued an identical sized circle on the other side of the whiskers.)

Step 4- Adhere bunny feet using glue gun.

Step 5- Adhere cover to paper roll using a glue gun. Allow glue to cool. Cut slits on the cover using cutting knife; insert and adhere bunny ears using glue gun.

Step 6 –(Optional)- You can include a pre-drawn bunny smile in your kit. Using a black permanent marker, draw a bunny smile on the same type of paper you used to wrap the roll and put 2 sided tape on the back to turn it into a sticker.
(Kids can either stick it to bunny or use it as a guide to draw freehand)

There you go- you just finished The Polka Bunny Sticker Activity Kit. Have a fun Spring-Easter activity with your little artists. DSC01017

The Polka Bunny Sticker Activity Kit

  • 1 Bunny Body (with ears & feet)
  • 2 googly eyes
  • 1 Nose (with whiskers)
  • 1 Bunny smile
  • 20 white dot stickers
  • 30 blue dot stickers

*Note: First four components should have double sided tape on the back.

To Teachers/Parents
Here’s my suggested warm-up activity for your class:
This Is The Way The Bunny Hops (& kids can sing & dance along)

Check out my Polka Bunny sample…


SPRING ROLL CRAFTS 2: “The Polka Bunny”
Designed & Crafted by Paulina Constancia on Daily Dose of Art



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