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“Spring Roll” Crafts 1: The Potted Sunflower

Welcome to a new week here on DDoA! This week I bring you a special series on Spring crafts using a toilet paper roll as a basic material. Thus, I thought it would be appropriate to call it “Spring Roll” Crafts, hahahaha


  • toilet paper roll
  • popsicle stick
  • cutting knife
  • glue gun
  • cardboard
  • acrylic paint (white, yellow, light brown, dark brown, terracotta & green)
  • brush

Let’s begin…


Step 1 – Cut out a third of the roll using a cutting knife and set aside (this will be the flower pot)

Step 2 – For the large part of roll. Cut 1″ long petals all around. Make sure to round the tips as this will be handled by kids. (about 11 petals).

Step 3 – Make end covers using another toilet paper roll as a template. Total : 4 end covers (2 for flower, 2 for pot)

Step 4- Attach end covers using a glue gun.

step 2

Optional: Give it a jiggle! Fill 1/3 of pot with Mung beans before adhering cover.

Step 5 – Make a slit on bottom cover of flower and insert popsicle stick at an angle (to mimic the sunflower’s nature). Adhere using the glue gun.

Step 6- Make a slit in the middle of pot cover. Insert and adhere popsicle stick.

Step 7- Paint a white base coat to get the completed potted sunflower.

Step 8- Paint away! Optional: Use cotton swabs (like Q-tips) or dimensional paint (like Puffy) for the dots on the flower.

And there you go- you just made a lovely potted sunflower to bring the spirit of Spring into your home or workplace.

For teachers/Parents 

Here is a wonderful intro activity for your sunflower painting class/activity: Watch this Sunflower Time Lapse video



SPRING ROLL CRAFTS 1: The Potted Sunflower
Designed & Crafted by Paulina Constancia on Daily Dose of Art


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