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Kids’ Rub Art 3: Name

We continue with our feature on Kids’ Rub Art with this simple name template project that you can make at home or in school. Even if they can’t spell or write, only rub, kids will be able to make an imprint of their names with this delightful name template.

*Older children can choose their own textured plastic and make the template themselves; although adult assistance is still a MUST with the glue gun.


  • different textured plastic
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • crayons
  • thin paper
  • plastic foam board
  • metal ruler, cutting knife (to cut board)

Let’s begin…
Step 1 – Gather the textured plastic materials you are going to use. I used the following: disposable food container, a gardener’s pot netting, anti-slip mat


Step 2 – Cut out the letters from the selected plastic materials.


Step 3 – Adhere letters onto foam board using a glue gun.


And there you go- your very own special textured name template. Are you ready to try it out?

*I find it’s best to tape down the template on a clipboard and then secure thin paper over template. Now start colouring with crayons or coloured pencils.


Kids’ Rub Art 3: Name
Project Concept & Execution by Paulina Constancia on Daily Dose of Art

* if you plan to use the name template as a stamp, “Arrange the letters to spell the word in reverse… When the template is held up to a mirror, the letters should appear in the correct order.” (via e-how)

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