As prescribed by Paulina Constancia

Kids’ Rub Art 2: Flower

Today I’ll show you how you can turn a cheap plastic placemat into a delightful textured floral template. And you’ll see its potential as a medium once you start making the impression on paper.


  • textured plastic mat or whatever textured plastic
  • scissors
  • plastic foam board
  • metal ruler, cutting knife (to cut board)
  • glue gun

Let’s begin…

Step 1- Find whatever textured plastic you can use to make your floral template. I got this sample placemat from Japan Home for $1.50 SGD

Step 2- Cut the part of mat you want to use for your template.

Step 3- Adhere unto plastic foam board using a glue gun.

There you go- you just made a beautiful textured floral template.

Now your ready to rub that image unto paper.

Option 1: acrylic paint, bright coloured paper, paint brush

Steps for Option 1:

1. Brush acrylic paint onto template.

2. Put bright coloured paper on top of template and apply light pressure using roller to make the impression.



*First sample impression using ACRYLIC


Option 2: colored pencils


*Second sample impression (on the right): using colored pencil

* If you’re feeling adventurous, once paint has dried add details using either markers or dimensional craft paint like PUFFY.


Kids’ Rub Art 2: Flower
Project Concept & Execution by Paulina Constancia on Daily Dose of Art

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