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A Party Inspired by Olaf 5: The Birthday Shirt

Today I’ll show you what I came up with as an emergency theme party shirt for my son – the birthday celebrant.
I would’ve wanted to get the party’s official image properly printed or at least use the iron-on transfer film. For the first option, I was too short for time. For the second option, well- I tried it and somehow the film did not deliver as promised.  So I had to think of a quick remedy…

Supplies Needed:

  • printable silk cloth sheets
  • official birthday image (jpeg)
  • white cotton tshirt
  • needle and white thread
  • scissors

Step 1 – Buys some Printable A4 Light Silk Cloth from SingInk in Bugis

Step 2- Prepare an official birthday image –
this is what I made for my son’s Olaf-inspired party.
Step 3- Print image on the printable silk cloth. Give ink some time to dry before handling. Sew on with needle and white thread – using simple diagonal stitching all around.
Step 5- Find a pair of old shorts or pants to match the birthday shirt. There you go, my son’s ready to party with OLAF and friends! Note that is not really washable! Best just to save this one as a momento of a great birthday party 🙂


OLAF, The Snowman 
Video Series Tribute
Video 5- Frozen: Josh Gad “Olaf” On Set Movie Interview
Video 6- Frozen: Josh Gad “Olaf” Behind the Scenes

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