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A Party Inspired by Olaf 4: Pin the Nose on Olaf (Party Activity)

Today I bring you another activity or PARTYvity for an Olaf-inspired party—“Pin the Nose on Olaf” – a new take on the kids’ party classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”.
If you want to draw free-hand feel free to do so. Grab an IKEA Drawing Paper Roll and black and orange markers. It doesn’t cost much to make an Olaf poster. However, I printed this one below on a PVC sheet (tarpaulin) because I wanted to reuse it many times over.
I have attached some photos from my son’s actual party in school.
Here’s a ready-to-print “Pin the Nose on Olaf” set that I put together myself. Remember to cut the column of the noses and cut them individually. If material is flimsy make sure you reinforce it with some card stock paper.
You’ll need a handkerchief to blindfold the kids participating in the game.
The number of participants depends on how much time you have allotted for this activity. 
We were just given an hour for the entire party so we limited the participants to 5.
Here are the prizes for the three kids who pinned the carrot noses closest to the spot. Guess what it is? Popsicle makers from Daiso- only $2 each and very much snow and ice related. Hahaha…
OLAF, The Snowman 
Video Series Tribute
Video 4- “Disney Teaser Trailer”
(a lot to do with the carrot nose)

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