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A Party Inspired by Olaf 3: Build a Snowman (Party Activity)

One of the famous lines from the movie is “Do yo wanna build a snowman?” This is a great question to ask the kids to introduce this activity. Build your own Snowman -Drawing book cover! How COOL is that?
All you need are the ff:
  • Disney FROZEN free BUILD A SNOWMAN template
  • printable sticker paper
  • drawing book
  • baby blue or turquoise card stock paper
  • snowflake puncher
  • black cloth tape
  • transparency film (acetate)
  • white dimensional paint
  • clear glitter glue
  • white craft glue
Step 1- A)Click here to download Disney’s FROZEN printable BUILD A SNOWMAN! template (pdf)

B)Remove text and maximise A4 printable stickers.  I did two snowman sets per sheet.

Step 2- Cut the parts of snowman and put in a plastic or paper envelope.
Note: If you have lots of time for the activity and if kids are old enough to handle scissors safely then it will actually be more fun to get them to cut the parts of the snowman. In the case of my son’s party where guests were ages 2 to 5, pre-cut stickers was the only way to go.
Step 3-  The WINTER COVER. Create a winter feel on the drawing book covers.
Here are my steps: a) decorate one side of transparency/acetate with some punched snowflakes b) add twirls using white dimensional paint (like Puffy) c) add some sparkles using clear glitter glue
d) allow to dry completely e) meantime, glue on blue craft paper onto cover of drawing book, f) adhere decorated side of  transparency onto the cover using white craft glue, g) use black cloth tape to make a nice spine.
The finished WINTER COVER
Now you’re ready for your 
“Build a Snowman” PARTYvity…
Below are some photos from my son’s party in school.
Here’s one of my favourites..a puzzled OLAF!
Three of the kids proudly showing their work…
Photo shows what my son’s friends came up with.
Unlimited possibilities indeed!
Note: Sticker paper may be hard to peel off, so it’s best to have 1 adult helping out every 2-3 kids.
OLAF, The Snowman 
Video Series Tribute
Video 3- All OLAF Moments

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