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A Party Inspired by Olaf 2: The Goodie Bag

The goodie bag – what can I put in there that can relate to Olaf and winter? One of Olaf’s famous lines is “You’re worth melting for!” So I played around with that and guess what I came up with – a bag of melting white chocolate!
Supplies needed:
  • thick photo paper
  • Winter-themed cellophane bags
  • roll of satin ribbon
  • Wilton white melting chocolate (candy melts)
  • scissors
  • one-hole punch
  • 1/4 measuring cup
Here’s an example of thick glossy photo paper
Visit SING INK Singapore to check out cheaper alternatives
Winter-themed cellophane bags
from Phoon Huat in Simei

Blue Satin Ribbon
Wilton white candy melts of any other white melting chocolate
from Phoon Huat in Simei
Step 1- Print Olaf image onto thick photo paper with special text–“You’re worth melting for!”-Olaf; plus the name of celebrant and date of party. Cut individual mini-cards and punch single hole on upper left hand corner.
Step 2- Fill winter-themed cellophane bag with a little over 1/4 cup of white melting chocolates. Tie it with satin blue ribbon and attach Olaf card.
Step 3- Distribute to kids. Enjoy!

Here are other ideas for goodie bag sweet stuffers: homemade clodhoppers (check recipe on DDoA), mini mallows, white cotton candy, rice crispy squares, etc. Note: When choosing stuffers -you must bear in mind the age of your guests and might be best to hand goodie bag to parents so they can decide whether their child may or may not have it.
OLAF, The Snowman 
Video Series Tribute
Video 2- “In Summer”

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