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Multi-faceted Russian Artist Inessa K. 5: The Charity Cooperator

Today we’ll learn how an artist can give back to community. In the case of our featured Russian artist Inessa K., charity has been a part of her life since her childhood. Thus, it doesn’t come as a surprise that she welcomes the idea of volunteering and collaborating with charitable institutions in her new home- Singapore.

Let’s get to know Inessa K – The Charity Cooperator…

DDoA: Tell us about your works for charity.

Inessa K: I strongly believe that art is not just for providing entertainment in exchange of money. I believe that art can inspire, save and support. I like to participate in a charity projects and see how art can contribute to people’s  lives. I was happy to share my paintings from my  “Seven Colors of Laughter” series with Bright Vision Hospital (Singapore), support ACRES, and collaborate with Make-A-Wish Foundation kids to produce an exhibition at One East Asia Gallery. 

DDoA: How long have you volunteered and cooperated with charitable institutions?
Inessa K: It all started many years ago with a charity theatre led by a 12 year old. When I was 12, I decided to organize a charity theatre with two of my friends. I cannot remember how I came up with this crazy idea. It was just the three of us, without any support from adults. We wrote the script, acted, made costumes and props. We knocked at the doors of orphanages, kindergartens, and old folks homes proposing to perform for them. We performed  for 2-3 years. It was a success. Audiences loved it and we loved to perform. The only problem was that our performances never had the same ending. When performing, we were so immersed in our roles that we often didn’t follow the script.  So every now and then our audience would be quite surprised  when we injected unexpected endings to classic tales.
Learn more about INESSA K.
“Beauty In Front Of Me” commissioned art work for ACRES Charity Auction
 at Orchid Country Club, 2011 
Donation of Handmade Artist Bears
for Charity Gala Dinner auction,
Serangoon Gardens Country Club, Singapore, 2012 
Artworks donated to Make-A-Wish Foundation
Charity Golf Tournament & Gala Dinner, 
Singapore Island Country Club, Singapore, 2012 
Inessa K. & husband Gregory K. with President of Singapore Tony Tan
Make-A-wish Foundation Charity Golf Tournament & Gala Dinner, 
Singapore Island Country Club, Singapore, 2012 
Artist’s Quote of the Day:
 “No act of kindness no matter how small 
is ever wasted.” 

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