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Crusading for Mothers on International Women’s Day 1: Mothers & Access to Health Care

Welcome to anew week here on DDoA! This week (March 6-8) I will be showing my Moments of Motherhood traveling collection at Jawi House Heritage Gallery in George Town, Penang, Malaysia (a UNESCO World Heritage City). The show falls around the week of International Women’s Day (March 8th); thus a perfect opportunity to crusade for the welfare of mothers around the world.

My story:
I received excellent  prenatal, labor & delivery and postnatal care in Canada at almost no cost thanks to Canada’s outstanding healthcare system.  I consider myself fortunate and blessed. But millions of expectant mothers around the world do not have access to medical care, not even a warm bed to deliver a child to the world…

Did you know…

– Approximately 40 million women give birth without a trained health professional each year. 

– An estimated 2 million women give birth alone each year. 

– More than 280,000 mothers die from complications in pregnancy and childbirth each year. 

Info Source: (“State of the World’s Mother’s Report 2013: Surviving the First Day.” Save the Children.) via HuffPost “Shocking Global Facts on Mother’s Health”
“Hearts Connected”
mixed media art by Paulina Constancia
Moments of Motherhood Traveling Exhibition
What can we do to help mothers?
Direct help: If you know of any woman – expectant or with a newborn- who needs assistance whether financial or moral support please help her. Believe me even a nice warm meal that she doesn’t have to prepare herself at this challenging time in her life could mean the world to her. I remember how delighted I was when a friend came to visit me with some frozen food that I could easily  heat up. New mothers who don’t get any help from extended family or friends seriously have no time nor energy to cook a decent meal.

Through an organization: 
Check out how you can help mothers in need around the world 
Charities Helping Women & Children
-Or check our your local charities and organizations directly helping mothers in need

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