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Multi-faceted Russian Artist Inessa K. 4: The Home Decorator

Our featured artist Inessa K is also a wife and mother. Thus, parenting, homemaking and home decorating are very important components of her everyday life.

Let’s get to know Inessa K.- The Home Decorator…

DDoA: Tell us a little bit about your passion for home decorating. 
Inessa K.: A big part of my life now is my home. Space decoration is another big passion of mine. I was raised in a family where house renovations were done every year. It was done by my mother and myself. We painted the walls with surprising colors and drew bold pictures and ornaments… anyway it is just for one year. Then I started building and decorating spaces professionally, I got a Degree in Architecture and I designed and practiced architecture. Then, for a few years I was running an event decoration company in Singapore, creating thematic decorations for dinners, dances, launches and private events. The current outlet for my passion for space decoration is… decorating my own home. 
I wanted to create a very personal space that inspires creativity and a happy family life. Here are some snapshots of my home.
Learn more about INESSA K.
Home decorations hand-made by Inessa: 
boxes, soft toys, paintings with watches.
Dolls made by Inessa
Puppet theatre for Inessa’s 3 years old daughter.
Hand-made by Inessa K. and Alice K,  2013
Inessa K.’s Living Room
“a homey & calm setting for creativity and family life”

Artist’s Quote for Today: 
“Living imperfectly with great delight” 
-Curly Girl Design

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