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Multi-faceted Russian Artist Inessa K. 3: The Wellness Advocate

Today we’ll get to know the healthy and happy artist that is Inessa K. She does yoga regularly and experiments with raw food cooking.

Today we’ll get to know Inessa K. – The Wellness Advocate…

DDoA: Tell us a little bit about your passion for wellness.
Inessa K: Some people believe that true art can be produced only by hungry, slightly crazy, emotionally suffering artists. Art is an expression of an artist’s inner world. And each artist must have a healthy mind and a healthy body, so he can share his own happiness with the world, rather than spread suffering and craziness. So taking care of my body and mind is part of my artistic practice. 
Inessa K. practicing yoga on the beach

DDoA: Tell us about your fitness routine.
Inessa K.: My ideal fitness routine includes Yoga and Jogging in the morning; sometimes dance rehearsals or Pilates in the afternoon. And another brief session of yoga just before going to sleep.  

DDoA: Tell us about your diet.
Inessa K: I like to experiment with my diet. Currently I am experimenting with Raw Food diets. Yes, my husband and daughter have to follow it, but they are happy to do it. Because part of the diet is home-made chocolate. Super healthy and super tasty. Takes 15 min to do. I can share with you my “Secret Recipe”. 
Learn more about INESSA K.
Inessa K reveals Secret Homemade Organic Chocolate Recipe…

INESSA’s Secret Homemade Organic Chocolate Recipe

Must have ingredients: coconut oil, cacao powder, honey
Nice to have ingredients: nuts, seeds, raisins, etc

  1. Melt coconut oil and honey
  2. Add organic cocoa powder and mix it
  3. Pour the chocolate into moulds
  4. Add nuts, seeds, or raisins
  5. Let the chocolate cool. Put it into freezer for few hours
  6. Eat and share.

Inessa K: If you noticed, I did not indicate proportions. Be a chocolate artist… Experiment to create your own chocolate masterpiece…

Artist’s Quote of the Day:
“The body is shaped, disciplined, honored, 
and in time trusted.”
-Martha Graham

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