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Multi-faceted Russian Artist Inessa K. 2: The Dancer

We continue to journey into the creative world of multi-faceted Russian artist  Inessa K.

Today, we’ll  get to know Inessa K. – The Dancer…

DDoA: What inspired you to learn and pursue dancing as one of your creative expressions as an artist? 

Inessa K.: I have been dancing all my life. I remember when I was 5 when my father brought me a gift from his business trip. It was a traditional hat from Uzbekistan (central Asian country). It made me curious about the Uzbeks culture. Once I saw the dance on TV, then I started practicing and preparing a home performance for my parents and friends.

Another day when I was 6, I saw ballet for the first time in my life during my family trip to St Petersburg. It was Swan Lake. Back home I found a vinyl with Swan Lake and prepared ballet performance with my brother. I can imagine how hilarious it was.

INESSA  K:  The Painter Who Dances too!
Photo of Inessa in bellydancing costume next to one of her paintings.

DDoA:Tell us about your dance repertoire.
Inessa K: My repertoire and dance interests are quite wide: contemporary dance, ballet, belly dance, hula dance, Russian cultural dance. My current love is foxtrot. And I like to mix styles creating new unexpected twists to conventional dance routines.

DDoA: Share some of your unforgettable experiences as a dancer.

Inessa K: One of the  highlights of my dance life was my collaboration with MediaCorp when I trained and performed with MediaCorp Princess Fann Wong and a number of other Singapore celebrity drama artists for THK Charity Show Arabian dance item. The next day after the show, picture of Fan Wong in shiny silver queen-like costume with Isis Wings was featured on front pages of all newspapers. By the way, rehearsals for the show were not so glamorous. One of the stories is when Fann Wong accidentally hit the ceiling with an Isis Wing and the  ceiling panel fell off landing just a  few millimetres away from drama queen. Luckily nobody was injured, and I didn’t become famous for the wrong reasons.

DDoA: How often do you practice?
Inessa K: If you are a dancer, you exercise and practice every day. And I like that. Actually it is one of the reasons I intend to never retire from dancing. Knowing that I need to perform on stage, motivates me to keep fit and look great. This is my carrot and stick.

Learn more about INESSA K.

Inessa performing to beautiful tunes by “Global Sounds”
at Concourse, Esplanade, 2011
Inessa performing Russian Dance
Pines Country Club, 2012
Here are some recorded live performances of INESSA K:

Inessa Performing A Russian Dance, 2012
Inessa Performing A Tango Fusion, 2011
Artist’s Quote of the Day:
”You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching.  

Love like you’ll never be hurt.
Sing like there’s nobody listening,

And live like it’s heaven on earth.” 
-William W. Purkey

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