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Multi-faceted Russian Artist Inessa K. 1: The Painter

We continue with our love month’s feature on female artists in Singapore who are truly passionate about their art form. I bring you Inessa K. – from Russia with love, and lots of talent. Indeed our featured artist for this week is a multi-faceted creative spirit.  She’s a painter, dancer, wellness advocate, home decorator and charity cooperator.

Let’s get to know INESSA K.

Today, we get to know Inessa K.- The Painter…

DDoA: Tell us a little bit about yourself. (whatever you want to share: everyday life, family, education, your move to Singapore from Russia)
Inessa K: I am an artist and a dancer. Although in the past I worked as an architect, ran a business and was an events designer, painting and dance remain my lifelong passions.  My motherland is a small town in Kazakhstan (central Asia).  I am a citizen of Russia. Since 2005, I have called Singapore home.  

DDoA: When and how did you get started with art? Who/What inspired you to dedicate your life to the arts?
Inessa K:  I became an artist just before my daughter Alice was born. Yes, I was into art since I was young. Yes, I attended art school for 7 years and then drew, painted, designed as part of my Degree and career in Architecture and Design. However, I only started calling myself an artist just before my daughter was born.  While pregnant with her, I finally had the time to fully dedicate myself to creating art without having to worry about making a living. At that time, I took a course under Ewa Gargulinska from Central St. Martins College, University of Arts London. Ewa managed to awaken the sleeping artist in me.  She encouraged me to pursue my dream and boosted my confidence as an artist.  I started experimenting with different mediums, techniques, themes. In the process, I discovered and strengthened my artistic voice.

Inessa K at  the University of Arts London

DDoA: Tell us a little bit about your creative process.

Inessa K:  How do I create paintings? First, I create the  background, it is a random intuitive process. Next, I turn to my sketch book, where I experiment and collect sketches, themes, ideas, patterns, quotes, life drawings, etc. It leads to creating a story that inspired the painting. I do have a plan when I start, however I know that my initial plan will be changed completely later on. Painting evolves while I am working on it. This is a final painting:

Inessa K: Below is one of my latest paintings “Magic Lantern”. Here’s its story: 
Have you ever heard of the story about the old magic lantern? Nothing special about it. It’s just a usual lantern like many others. If you see it, you probably won’t even notice it.  If you’ve seen it, you’re very likely to forget it.   It’s only when you light the lantern that it will reveal its special gift to you.  It gives its light to things and people, adding happiness and meaning to their existence.   It won’t grant its light, not fragments of it, to things that distract you and keep you away from your true  happiness. The darkness stays with them.
 Once the  lantern is in your hands and has brightened your way, you must pass it on to to somebody who badly needs its light…
Some say that the lantern is with an old fisherman in Uruguay.  Some saw it in a barber shop in Kolkata. Some say, one girl has found it…
“Magic Lantern”
by Inessa K
40cm x 60cm 
acrylic & golden leaf on canvas
DDoA: Tell us a little bit about the materials and techniques that you incorporate in your work.
Inessa K: I want people to see my paintings differently every time they look at the pieces. That’s why I use various techniques and materials (canvas, handmade paper, gold leaf, pastel, acrylic, etc). I use words, pictures, symbols, figures – all collaged together the way it happens only in a dreams. Try to see my paintings with different lighting, in complete darkness, at different angles, from different distances and expect new discoveries and surprises.
“From The Land Of Owls” 

Acrylic, paper collage, golden leaf.
 60cm x 90cm
Art by Inessa K
“Silent Conversation” 

Acrylic, paper collage.
35cm x 50cm
Art by Inessa K

Artist’s Quote of the Day:
“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” 
– Henri Matisse

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