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The KATANA Art of Nalu Miyamoto 5: Princess Seoritsu

This is the last part of our special feature on the Katana Papercutting Art of Nalu Miyamoto. Nalu shares with us –Princess Seoritsu – the fifth of her  series on Japanese princesses (some real and some mythical).

Katana Papercutting Art #5:
“Princess Seoritsu”

NM: Princess Seoritsu is a Japanese  Shinto goddess. She is enshrined in a nearby river and waterfalls as a goddess of water. According to one estimate, Princess Seoritsu is an empress of Amaterasu. It seems the god of water and the sun, they paired up to give life to the world. The sun gives light to the soul of life, and water gives moisture to life.


“Princess Seoritsu”
Katana Papercutting Art by NALU MIYAMOTO

Here is the fifth haiku that Sairi Yoshino, a poet-friend of Nalu, has especially written to accompany the artist’s Katana art:
Rushing waters of the stream
our sins swept away
Round moon shining brightly up above.

行く水に 罪を流し 輝る月輪

Haiku by Sairi Yoshino
俳句 吉野 彩里
English translation by Nalu Miyamoto

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