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Nature-inspired Printmaker Marisa Keller 4: Stones

Today Marisa Keller invites us to look at rocks, stones and pebbles and reflect on their life symbolisms. 
Marisa’s Inspiration:
Photo Courtesy of  the artist
MK: Stones, most specially pebbles, can have intriguing shapes – sometimes perfectly formed by the endless movement of water. I like the combination of rock and water as a symbol and representation of life and eternity.

The Print Output:
MK: The pebble shape is a recurring subject in my work. In 2000, when I went back into etching I wanted to go beyond the usual rectangular size of the plate and started to cut out pebble shapes from the copper plate. The plates could then be printed in different configurations. ‘Circle of Life’ is a work from that period.
“Circle of Life” (2000)
Art by Printmaker MARISA KELLER

handmade paper pulp stones, collaged etchings
Photo Courtesy of  the artist
In my most recent work (2014) the pebble and rock shape re-appears in ‘Goldrush’, an installation of rock shapes  made from paper pulp with collaged etchings. 
The work addresses our greed in relation to the relentless exploitation of natural resources. Each ‘stone’  is handmade from paper pulp. The etchings are handprinted and collaged onto each stone. Like the exploitation of the earth, I am planning to make this series an ongoing project. My collection of ‘precious’ stones  of sizes between 1 and 15 cm has now reached 200 pieces.
“GOLD RUSH” (2014)
Art by Printmaker MARISA KELLER
handmade paper pulp stones, collaged etchings

Photo Courtesy of  the artist 
Today’s quote on STONES:
“Life’s up and downs provide windows of opportunity to determine your values and goals. Think of using all obstacles as stepping stones to build the life you want.”

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