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Nature-inspired Printmaker Marisa Keller 3: Edge

Today we look to the edge with Marisa Keller and jump in with the dynamic textures and imprints she has created on paper.
Marisa’ Inspiration:
MK: On a trip in Australia in 2006, I was inspired by the boundaries and transitions of land into the sky. From this idea, a new series of work started in 2007 and is still continuing.
Photo Courtesy of  the artist
The Print Output:
MK: Created in square panorama format, the unique printworks are done using a mixture of printmaking techniques: etching, aquatint, relief printing, embossing and hand colouring with watercolour. Pressed flowers, collected leaves and other natural materials are used to create delicate textured shapes.
Art by Printmaker MARISA KELLER

Photo Courtesy of  the artist
MK: A new series of the Watergarden emerged from earlier ‘Edge’ works in 2011 emphasizing the detailed etching textures and imprints of the natural objects. By now, I was more intrigued by the process of building up the image using print techniques than the idea of creating an edition. Most of these pieces are therefore one of a kind works on paper.
“Migration I”
Art by Printmaker MARISA KELLER

Photo Courtesy of  the artist
Today’s Quote on ‘EDGE’:
“Life is a travelling to the edge of knowledge, then a leap taken.”


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