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Year of the Horse Crafting 4: Year of the Horse Commemorative Plate

Mexico is a country very dear to me. Thus, I must add something Mexican to this special Year of the Horse crafting series. Today we will make a commemorative plate for the year of the horse or el año del caballo de madera, mimicking techniques of Hojalata Mexicana (Mexican tin art). 
Warm-up Activity: Watch “Rojito”/ Little Red by Patty Shukla 

(first in Spanish)

(then in English)

*Check out the exciting world of PATTY SHUKLA KIDS MUSIC

Let’s begin our project:
Year of the Horse Commemorative Plate
Plato Conmemorativo del año del caballo de madera
  • used aluminum plate/tray 
  • horse silhouette
  • pen/stylus 
  • masking tape
  • acrylic paint
  • brush
Step 1- Put silhouette over aluminium plate and trace using pen/stylus. The more pressure you apply as you trace, the clearer the impression on the plate.
Step 2- Add design details directly on aluminium plate. Be careful not to exert too much pressure to avoid punctures.
Step 3- Choose at least 4 acrylic colours 
to use on your plate.

 Step 4- Add design details using black and white dimensional paint.

Note: To protect painted aluminium plate, spray with clear matte or glossy varnish.
Optional Step: Glue hanging loop onto the back if you plan to hang plate on the wall.

Year of the Horse Crafting 4: Year of the Horse Commemorative Plate
Plato Conmemorativo del año del caballo de madera
by Paulina Constancia
on Daily Dose of Art
Mexican Proverb on Horses:
a gran caballo, grandes espuelas
(English lit.: for a great horse, large spurs)
Meaning provided: make the suit fit the occasion.
My definition: In life conditions are always changing. 
Thus, we need to be open and adaptable.

2 comments on “Year of the Horse Crafting 4: Year of the Horse Commemorative Plate

  1. Marina P.
    January 12, 2014

    As always, Great Job Pau! I love this Blog you created. For me it's so Inspiring! Thanks for sharing your talents in the social network. ~Marina P.~

  2. Paulina Constancia
    January 15, 2014

    Thanks for the great feedback. Glad to hear you're enjoying DDoA!

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