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Year of the Horse Crafting 5: Origami Paper Horse Key Chain

For our last project in this Year of the Horse Crafting series, I give you the simplest little crafting project you can do with (or for) family and friends – Origami Paper Horse Key Chain.

“The horse is the seventh symbol in the Japanese Zodiac. In the past, horses and people lived and worked side by side, and their mighty bodies and their power made them the symbol of “life”. This sign represents “liveliness” and “openness”.”via japanesezodiac
OPENNESS – i like that. And it matches with our project today – the Origami Paper Horse Key Chain. You know keys? doors? openness, hahaha…
Let’s begin our project:
Origami Paper Horse Key Chain

  • coordinating origami paper
  • scissors
  • single-hole punch
  • self-laminating coating film (no machine needed)
  • Horse head (or full body) template
Step 1- Glue origami papers back to back. Cut horse head shape using template.

Step 2- Laminate using self-laminating coating film (no machine needed). Trim away excess plastic.

*Remember not to cut too close to the horse as this will open up the lamination.
Step 3- Punch a hole and attach key ring.
There you have it- your very own 
Year of the Horse (午年 Uma-nen) origami horse key chain
Back to the topic of OPENNESS, if you keep trying your keys at the same door and it doesn’t open to you, did it ever occur to you that perhaps you don’t belong there??? There are plenty of other doors and possibilities. 
Year of the Horse Crafting 5: 
Origami Paper Horse Key Chain

by Paulina Constancia
on Daily Dose of Art
Japanese Idiom on Horses:
Don’t put the cart before the horse.
Meaning: “It is important to do things in the right or natural order.” via wikiquote

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