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Wrapping Without Waste 3: Mesh & Towel Duo

Welcome to Day 3 of Wrapping without Waste here on DDoA! Today we will learn to wrap using the ‘Mesh & Towel Duo’.
You’ll need:
  • mesh bag/envelope
  • dish/hand towel 
  • safety pins
  • bag tag 
  • photo paper (4″x6″)
  • scissors
Basic Material: The Stripey Mesh Envelope/Bag
I got this for about $2.00 from a General Merchandise store 

in Bedok, Singapore
Dish Towel & Lots of Safety Pins
Step 1– Wrap your present with the dish towel.
Step 2- Fold and secure edges & corners of towel with safety pins.
Step 2- Image 1
Step 2- Image 2
Step 3– Slide wrapped present inside the mesh bag.
Optional: Make a matching bag tag
Take photo or scan bag and towel. Pick parts of images that you want to use to create a bag tag and add name of the gift’s recipient. Print. You can either slide this into a pre-made plastic luggage tag or you can laminate it and punch a hole and put a string or ribbon to serve as a hanging loop.
And there you go – you can be 

Wrapping without Waste this season with a simple ‘Mesh & Towel Duo’.

on Daily Dose of Art

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