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Wrapping Without Waste 2: ‘D Wrap’ is ‘D Gift’

Welcome to Day 2 of Wrapping Without Waste here on DDoA!  Today I feature ‘D Wrap’ is  ‘D Gift’.

You’ll need:

  • toiletries bag (I got mine from IKEA)
  • Christmas ornament
  • alphabet stencil plate
  • kraft paper or bond paper (preferably used on one side)
  • pencil
  • present (optional)
Step 1 – Get your basic material ready: IKEA cosmetic bag
The bag could be the gift or part of the gift.
Step 2 – Make or buy a Christmas ornament.
My example is from the IKEA 2012 Christmas collection
Step 3– Cut round shape tag from a used bond paper. Trace name of the gift’s recipient using the alphabet stencil.
Step 4– Stuff toiletries bag with present or if the bag is the present fill it with crumpled used kraft paper or bond paper.
And there you go – you can be 

Wrapping without Waste this season 

if‘D Wrap’is’D Gift’!
on Daily Dose of Art

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