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Wrapping Without Waste 4: Painted Pringles Tubes

Welcome to Day 4 of Wrapping Without Waste. Today we will make Painted Pringles Tubes to use as gift tubes.

You’ll need:

  • empty Pringles tube/can
  • thin cloth for cleaning tube
  • white acrylic paint & paint brush (or spray paint)
  • old newspapers
  • acrylic paint (different colours)
  • brushes
Step 1- Clean Pringles tube: Dampen a thin towel in soapy water and use to clean tube. Dry tube using a towel or hair dyer. (Step 0 should be: eat all the Pringles inside ASAP,hahaha)
Step 2– Paint tube, either by brushing or spray painting.
If using a brush, put your hand in the tube while painting. It gives you more control and ease. Allow to dry completely.

Step 3– Paint a masterpiece. It’s nice to keep your colours to a minimum, 4 to 5. Use brush, palette knife or Q-tips to create a unique work of art.
I wanted to make an actual sample for you but I don’t have much time  to work on them this week. So I thought I’ll just demonstrate a point by cropping a digital image of a painting. Image Sources for Floral painting & Heart Painting  
Note: As you can see – no need to make a name tag as you can already include the name of the recipient in your painting.
And don’t forget to slide in your present!!!
And there you go – you can be 
Wrapping Without Waste this holiday season 
with a ‘Painted Pringles Tube’!
WRAPPING WITHOUT WASTE 4: ‘Painted Pringles Tubes’
on Daily Dose of Art

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