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Wrapping Without Waste 1: Kerchiefs & Bag Tags

Welcome to a new week on DDoA! Christmas is just around the corner and many of you may already have started buying and wrapping presents for your loved ones. I thought I’d share a few simple ways of Wrapping Without Waste this Holiday Season.
Today we will learn to wrap with ‘Kerchiefs & Bag Tags’.
You will need:
  • a bandana (or large handkerchief)
  • a present (hahaha)
Wrapping with Fabric is actually an art form in Japan. It’s called ‘furoshiki’. The steps I’m using for today’s wrapping solution is the most basic. If you look at the chart below it says this variation is called “Otsukai Tsutsumi” (or Basic Carry Wrap). Check out my past post on Furoshiki…
“How to use FUROSHIKI”
Image from Ministry of the Environment
Government of Japan
Let’s begin our wrapping adventure!!!

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
The ‘Bag Tag’– turned- ‘Gift Tag’
Basic material: bag/luggage tag
You’ll also need photo paper and digital image of red bandana. There are lots of images of red bandanas on-line, pick one.  Make a card using your selected image with the name of the recipient. It’s so beautiful, the receiver will likely use it as a luggage or gym bag tag.
And there you go – you can be 
Wrapping without Waste this season with “Kerchiefs & Bag Tags”!
WRAPPING WITHOUT WASTE 1: ‘Kerchiefs & Bag Tags’
on Daily Dose of Art

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