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Homemade Gifts 5: Covered NOTEBOOK

Welcome to Day 5 of Homemade Gifts! We continue with our creative challenge to make as many homemade gifts from this $3.00 sleep shirt.
Today we will make a COVERED NOTEBOOK!
Base material: hardcover notebook 
I got mine from a local store for about $2.00. In Asia, DAISO will be a good place to find one. In North America, dollar stores will have lots to choose from. You can also use a hardcover sketch book which you can get from your local art store. 
Step 1 – Cut some material from the sleep shirt.
Step 2 – Use craft glue to adhere fabric to hardcover notebook.
*Use a roller to glue fabric evenly.Allow the book to dry for a few minutes before proceeding.
Step 3 -Fold the allowance inside the cover and glue in place for the front and back.
*Trim away the allowance at the spine because it can’t be folded over. Apply glue to the edge of the fabric on the spine to prevent threads from pulling out.

Step 4- Cut scrapbook paper to the size of the inside cover (front and back) and glue over the folded material for a ‘finished look’.

 OPTIONAL: Make a built-in bookmark.
Step 1 – Print image from sleep shirt with coordinating polka dot design. Print a nice quote on dogs or animals for the back. 
Step 2 – Attach thin black ribbon to the back of one of the prints.
Step 3 – Adhere the two prints together.
Step 4 – Laminate using self-laminating sheet.
Step 5– Find the centre of the book. Pull and tie ribbon tightly.(hanging length about 20 com)
And there you have it – 
a beautiful Homemade Covered Notebook 
with built-in bookmark 
that anybody will be happy to receive.
Repurposing Challenge: from shirt to homemade gifts
Homemade Gifts #5
“The Covered Notebook”
on daily-dose-of-art.com
Today’s Quote on Giving:
“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, 
but from what we give.” 
Ben Carson
quote from goodreads

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