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Homemade Gifts 4: BOOKMARKS

Welcome to Day 4 of Homemade Gifts! We continue with our creative challenge to make as many homemade gifts from this $3.00 sleep shirt.
Today we make BOOKMARKS!
Step 1- Scan sleep shirt and design bookmarks with quotes on dogs or animals. I used some polka dots for the back to coordinate with shirt fabric design. Note: You may use actual fabric but for my example I have chosen to scan and print instead.
Tip: If using actual fabric from sleep shirt,use pinking shears to cut. If using regular scissors, seal edges of cut fabric with glue and allow to dry completely before proceeding with lamination.

Step 2- Cut the printed bookmarks.
Step 3- Protect printed bookmarks by using self-laminating sheets (no machine needed!) OR just run to your nearest copy store and have your printed bookmarks laminatedNote: I got my self-laminating sheets from DAISO Singapore. Most stationery stores carry this item now. 
Left photo-FRONT     Right photo– BACK
Step 4- Cut individual bookmarks. 
Optional: Punch hole and add decorative string/loop
And there you have it- Homemade BOOKMARKS 
to give to all the bookworms you love!
Repurposing Challenge: from shirt to homemade gifts
Homemade Gifts #4
on daily-dose-of-art.com
Today’s Quote on Giving:
“The bank of love is never bankrupt.” 
Steve MaraboliLife, Truth, and Being Free
quote from goodreads

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