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Homemade Gifts 2: Christmas Tree ORNAMENT

Welcome to Day 2 of Homemade Gifts! We continue with our creative challenge to make as many homemade gifts from this $3.00 sleep shirt.
Today, we make Christmas TREE Ornaments!
Step 1 – Cut the section you want to use from the sleep shirt.
Step 2 – Cut circle from thick cardboard.
Step 3 – Glue selected section of fabric on cardboard.
Step 4 – Trim excess material.
Step 5 – Cut another circle using a polka dot fabric.
Step 6 – Prepare hanging loop, 
and stitch onto the back of polka dot fabric.
Step 7 – Glue  polka fabric(with loop)onto cardboard.
Left photo– FRONT    Right photo– BACK
Step 8 – Using silver glitter glue, seal edges of fabric 
and also add design details. 
And there you have it -a lovely homemade Christmas Tree Ornament!
Repurposing Challenge: from shirt to homemade gifts
Homemade Gifts #2
“Christmas Tree ORNAMENT”
on daily-dose-of-art.com
Today’s Quote on GIVING:
“Love only grows by sharing. 
You can only have more for yourself 
by giving it away to others.”  
Quote from goodreads

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