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Homemade Gifts 1: EYE SHADES

Welcome to a new week here on DDoA! I recently bought this $3.00 sleep shirt from a discount store. With its lovely holiday feel, I thought it would make a nice creative challenge this week. The goal is to try to make as many little homemade ‘remembering you this Christmas’ gifts.
Today, we start off with our first simple homemade gift: EYE SHADES. 
Our base material:
I bought this eye mask/eye shades from DAISO/Singapore at $2.00.  However, you can create your own from scratch. There are many tutorials available on-line. Here are a couple you can check out: The Red Kitchen, Tip Nut


Step 1 – Cut some material from the sleep shirt.
Step 2 – Trim it so there is just a little allowance 
for folding all around.
Step 3 – Sew all around the top side of eye shades, leaving the black trim exposed. Use simple diagonal stitch.
Trim excess material as you go along…And you’re almost finished!
And there you have it – a simple homemade gift – pretty cool’ EYE SHADES!
Repurposing Challenge: from shirt to homemade gifts
Homemade Gifts #1
“Eye Shades”
on daily-dose-of-art.com
Today’s Quote on GIVING:
“It’s not how much we give 
but how much love we put into giving.” 
Quote from goodreads

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