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HomeKRAFTed Christmas Cards 5: The Collage Card

Welcome to Day 5 of HomeKRAFTed Christmas Cards! 

Today we will learn how to make a collage of The Nativity Scene. I made this digital collage using PIXELMATOR. However, this can easily be replicated into a paper collage project. Just print your template on card stock and glue fabric or paper directly over their designated sections. If you are making a bigger card you can also make templates of the different sections of the image so it’s easier for you (and your students) to cut the different fabric/paper to the shape/size needed to complete the Nativity collage.
This is what I used as a template, a wood relief sculpture
Nativity Scene from ScrollSaw
  • Nativity Template
  • fabric or paper designs (scout the internet)
  • 2 sheets 4 x 6 glossy photo paper 
  • double-sided tape
  • small gold star
  • scissors
  • metal ruler
  • exacto knife (cutter)


1. THE ROOF: Drag onto Pixelmator a brown fabric design like this one below. Trace the shape of roof and then copy and paste from your brown fabric.
Brown Fabric Design for STEP 1
2. THE STAR: Drag onto Pixelmator a yellow and green fabric or paper design like this one below. I only made one point of the star using these green and yellow images then duplicated it to create the remaining points of the star.
Yellow & Green Fabric Design for STEP 2
3. THE NIGHT SKY: Drag onto Pixelmator a blue fabric or paper design like this one below to fill the background.
Blue Twirly Fabric Design for STEP 3
4. THE MANGER: Drag onto Pixelmator a natural fiber design like this one below. Trace the shape of the stable. Copy and paste from your natural fiber image.
Natural Fiber Design for STEP 4
5. MARY’s Clothing: Drag onto Pixelmator three magenta or red fabric designs like the assortment I have below. Trace the sections of Mary’s clothing one by one, and then copy and paste to make your digital collage.
Magenta & Red Fabric for STEP 5
6. JOSEPH‘s Clothing: Drag onto Pixelmator three green fabric designs like the assortment I have below. Trace the sections of Joseph’s clothing one by one, and then copy and paste to make your digital collage.
Different Green Fabric for STEP 6
7. BABY JESUSDrag onto Pixelmator a blue and a yellow fabric design plus a basket design like the ones I have below. Trace the the sections that pertain to Jesus. Halo: trace and then cut & paste from yellow fabric design. Blanket: trace, then cut & paste from blue fabric design. Crib: trace, then cut & paste from basket design.
Designs for BABY JESUS sections of STEP 7
Step 7
8.SKIN & HAIR: Drag onto Pixelmator a peach and a black fabric designs. SKIN- Trace hands and faces, cut and paste from the peach fabric. HAIR- Trace Joseph’s hair, cut and paste from black fabric design. 
BLACK OUTLINE: While using the black fabric design, also cut and paste to create some black outline in some areas of collage.
Fabric Designs for Skin, Hair & Outline of STEP 8
9. PRINT & CUT: Print the digital collage that you have created onto a 4 x 6 glossy photo paper. Cut to size, leaving a little bit of white border. 
Step 9
10. ADHERE PRINT: Use some double-sided tape to adhere digital collage photo onto your kraft paper.
Step 10 – Photo 1
Step 10 – Photo 2
position and adhere onto kraft paper
11. Glue on STAR: Adhere the gold star in the middle of star on collage using a white craft glue. 
Step 11
OPTIONAL: Make a matching envelope. Print the blue fabric design from  Step 3 onto a 4 x 6 photo paper. Cut at least 1/2 inch smaller than flap. For white edges… adhere the shape onto white paper and cut leaving a nice white edge. Adhere onto envelope flap using double-sided tape.
Image for Optional Matching Envelope
OPTIONAL – Make a matching envelope.
And there you have it — Your very own HomeKRAFTed Christmas ‘COLLAGE’ Card!
HomeKRAFTed Christmas Cards  #5
“The Collage Card”
on daily-dose-of-art.com
“I truly believe that if we keep telling the Christmas story, singing the Christmas songs, and living the Christmas spirit, we can bring joy and happiness and peace to this world.” 
Quote from goodreads

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