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CONESciousness 2: Pizza Cones

Welcome to Day 2 of CONESciousness here on DDOA! Today we look into the latest craze across the globe… a new way of enjoying ‘fast’ food even faster…the PIZZA Cones!

From the streets of Tokyo’s Harajuku, we go around the world to see how folks are enjoying pizza in a different format- the ‘grab -n-go’ format.
An Interesting Tale about Cone Pizza
As I searched the internet for more information about this latest pizza craze, I chanced upon the DaVinci Cone and what an interesting story they share about how the pizza cone is one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s great inventions (which I couldn’t verify anywhere else, but it’s a fun tale to tell)…“Leonardo Da Vinci was a man on the go. He had plans for flying machines, submarines and cars centuries before the world was ready for them. It is said that one of his ideas was embraced in his lifetime, but eventually faded from history –the hand-held pizza…”Read more on their website

The DaVinci Story brings the pizza cone experience to a different level. It’s not just about hurriedly masticating another edible product, but it’ll feel like you are living in the times of Leonardo and feeling privileged to be invited by the great inventor to sample his latest creation. In my opinion, the Pizza Cone is a simulated taste of the Renaissance and perhaps a reminder for us that there is no limit to what man can achieve. Everything is possible!
DaVinci Cone New York
Here are some aptly named pizza flavors on their menu.. THE VERRAZANO, THE MICHELANGELO, THE GRECO, THE GALILEO and  The DAVINCI CONE (of course!)Check out their menu
And here are more Pizza Cone Photos 
from Around the World
Nueva y Divertida Forma de Comer Pizza/Ya en Mexico
A New and Fun Way of Eating Pizza/Now in Mexico!
Cone Pizza on Coney Island  (hahaha!)
Yes, the Stringy Cheese on your pizza 
can cause some localized swelling!
I’m Finnish, 
I mean I’m just startin’ to eat my Pizza 
but I’m sure I’ll finish it quickly
As you can see Pizza Cones FINLAND 
bring a ray of sunshine in Cold Scandinavia! 
Look at all those smiles!
(Happy to sell, and even happier to eat!)
CONUS Pizza, Moldova
KONO Pizza, Saudi Arabia
It appears to me that if you buy the pizza cone machine, you can make your own cones & your own trademark pizza recipes. Then you can brand your product. And if your idea and flavours sell..then you expand or franchise. So anybody now can start their own Pizza Cone Business. Question is will it be any good, will the flavours sell? Well, in the spirit of the Renaissance.. anything is possible!
Some of the more popular cone pizza franchise out there: KONO PIZZA,  CONEPIZZA
After-Post INFO (September 28, 2013)
I have added this new section to this post after a reader told me about the real inventor of PIZZA CONE – Mr. NIR ADAR. The sites I visited on the internet are of course promoting their own products. They fail to mention the originator of this new “food vessel”. So folks, here’s how it really started… 

It pays to think outside the box…

“Here is a lunchtime food invention that proves that thinking outside of the pizza box can pay off! The Pizza Cone takes the portability and convenience of an ice cream cone and swaps the sweet stuff for sauce, cheese and a savoury baked cone. The Pizza Cone dough is made from a special formula that allows it to bake into a cone shape in the oven. Offered in traditional pizza combos like supreme, pepperoni and margarita, the Pizza Cone makes eating delicious pizza on the go a one-handed job!

This new food “vessel” was invented by Nir Adar, a New York-based chef, food designer and “food trend expert” who has worked in the culinary industry for the last 20 years.”Read more…
More Info on Crispy Cones

Get to know the great innovator NIR ADAR

2 comments on “CONESciousness 2: Pizza Cones

  1. Anonymous
    September 27, 2013

    funny that with all the research you made you didn't realize that the original cone was invented in NYC. check out http://www.crispycones.com

  2. Paulina Constancia
    September 28, 2013

    Thank you for the information you have provided. It was an honest mistake..but still I apologise for failing to include Mr. Nir Adar, the real inventor of pizza cones. Please find the new section I have attached to this post. Once again my gratitude & sincere apologies.

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