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CONESciousness 1: The Crepe Cones of Harajuku

Welcome to a new week on DDOA! This week I bring you CONESciousness. We start off with the inspiration behind this week’s series—the Crepe Cones of Harajuku.

In early August, my family and I were in Tokyo for a work-holiday trip. Work for me since I was having an exhibition at the Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku. However, during gallery duty breaks, I managed to fit in some touristy activities in the neighborhood such as enjoying the famous Harajuku rolled crepes!
Crepe Display on Takeshita Street (Harajuku area), Tokyo
Photo by Michael Wortman
Display cases show the different flavor offerings with the crepes spread like a fan. 
However, your crepe will be served to you rolled like a cone. 
From the sweet to the savoury, the Harajuku crepe is loaded with yummy goodness!
Angel Heart Crepe Display Case on Takeshita Street 
Harajuku area, Tokyo
Photo by Michael Wortman
Image from I Think You’re Sauceome by Sarah Becan

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