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Partitions & Dividers 3: Repurposed Objects

Today we look into repurposing objects into room screens and space dividers. From water bottles to clothes hangers- everyday objects present unlimited ‘dividing’ possibilities… 
Recycled Water Bottles as Room Screen
Recycled Water Bottles Turned Room Screen
Designed by Klein Dytham Architecture
for Danone Company
Image & Info from the Weburbanist
“Crafts made from recycled water bottles aren’t generally the prettiest things ever, but this installation of water bottles as room dividers is certainly an exception. Fittingly, this transparent room screen was created by Klein Dytham Architecture for the Danone company, which manufactures Evian and Volvic bottled water. “Read more & see other space separators on the Weburbanist

Colorful Clothes Hangers turned Space Divider
Chromatic Screen
by LIKE Architecture Studio
Oporto Show 2012
Image Source
Chromatic Screen by LIKE Architects
Young Portuguese architecture studio LIKE Architects have recently designed the Chromatic Screen installation on the occasion of the Oporto Show ’12. The installation was devised within the event’s “Point of View” space, curated by studio design factory*. 

The temporary installation Chromatic Screen creates a space divider composed of 2000 IKEA Bagis coloured hangers, in blue, green, pink and orange. In synch with LIKE Architects’ line of work — the studio specializes in temporary, ephemeral installations composed of readily available materials — this coloured screen seeks to immerse the visitor in a powerful kinetic experience. Reinterpreting a common object of daily use, Chromatic Screen features diverse moments of opacity and transparency, mixing colours in varied intensities. Read more…

Old Wooden Shoe Moulds as Dining Space Divider
Sonoma, California
A room divider made up of old wooden cobbler shoe moulds separating Barndiva’s  long dining room.

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