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Partitions & Dividers 2: Metal Works

Today we look into how metal works can be a good ‘dividing’ option. It was my first visit to Nando’s (Peri-Peri Chicken) Restaurant in Tampines that sparked my interest in iron and other metal-inspired room dividers. 

I hope the examples below will inspire you to embark on your own space division project.
as Dining Space Dividers
Nando’s at Tampines
Peri-Peri Chicken Restaurant
Room Divider at Nando’s
Tampines, Singapore
I don’t eat chicken but I have taken visiting family to Nando’s and the few times I have been there to eat their ‘side dishes’, I can’t help but admire and readmire the room dividers at Nando’s in Tampines…very clever & creative indeed!

Room Divider at Nando’s (detail)
Tampines, Singapore 
Image from Life Food Coffee

Wrought Iron Room Dividers

Absolutely beautiful! I’ve always loved the look of wrought iron, and to see it used this way takes it to a new level. It works as a space separator as it gives the space personality. The bold color in the dining area really brings out the iron details.
Image source

Iron & Glass

Image Source
If you like the ‘glass brick’ look this is a great solution 
for you…

Swensen’s Restaurant
Terminal 2, Changi Airport, Singapore
Iron and Stained Glass Partitions
This i find is a clever way of separating the restaurant from the airport space 
yet still allowing air and light to come through.
Photo by P.Constancia

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