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Partitions & Dividers 4: Multi-use Space Separators

In this day and age when the biggest challenge is to have the most minimal ecological footprint, it is crucial to reduce overall consumption of “stuff” and downsize living spaces. It is important for household objects and furniture to serve more than one purpose. Today we look into some innovations in multi-use space dividers. 

Shelf Unit as Room Divider
Temahome White Ivy Room Divider and Shelf Unit
Image & Info from Furniture Mind, UK

This tall, white unit is both decorative and useful and will make the idea break between 2 room areas making it a welcome addition to an open plan contemporary home.
Illuminated Room Dividers
Illuminated Room Dividers by Superieur
Image and Info from Web Urbanist

Why shouldn’t a room divider serve more than one purpose? This one by Superieur is also a light source, providing subtle, diffused illumination that would be perfect for mood lighting or to supplement reading light behind a seating area.

The GREEN Room Divider
Now it truly is a “living” room!
Image Source

Check out the GREEN Room Divider, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, for DEDON

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