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Sawaya’s LEGO Life Reflections 6: How to Make a Small LEGO SPHERE

Hello and welcome to another Craft Day on Daily Dose of Art!
The most puzzling thing about lego art is how round shapes can be created using LEGO bricks. So, to continue with our “Sawaya’s LEGO Life Reflections” feature, we will learn to make a basic Lego/Brick SPHERE (or ball). I have searched the internet and found these two instructional resources that look really easy to follow. Try it out at home!
Click here for instructions for a Small Lego Sphere Project
Posted by Brillig.com
Click here to learn how to build a small lego sphere
Posted by Nightly News at Nine
Spheres or balls..whatever you call them..but there were lots of them at the lobby of the ArtScience Museum. When we visited the museum in early December, there was a whole crew still working on the Lego Christmas tree. Visitors were invited to help build the lego spheres that would be used as ornaments. We never got to see the completed tree. However, thanks to Facebook, i found this photo of the completed tree with the lego spheres…

The LEGO Christmas Tree
-work in progress-
ArtScience Museum, Singapore

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