As prescribed by Paulina Constancia

Lego-Inspired Food

Today I bring you a delicious toy for children of all ages…Lego-inspired food! This just demonstrates how the brick is indeed a staple in today’s household – from the toy box to the recipe box!
Lego Jellos
Want to make them?! 
Here are the three easy steps:
Step 1-Wash Duplo blocks.
Step 2– Mix Jello Jiggler mix together.
Step 3– Fill Duplo blocks with the Jello Jiggler mix.
LEGO Pyramid Cake
LEGO Sandwiches
Here’s what Neat to Eat says about these LEGO sandwiches…“These are simply sandwiches that have been made as normal (these are just cheese sandwiches), then I cut them in half and then each half into 3rds, then I used a mini cutter to cut circles out of a separate piece of bread and used a little margarine to ‘glue’ them on top.”
Watermelon legos on a stick
Here’s what the Family Kitchen contributor says about these watermelon legos..“I cut them into cubes and used an apple corer to make the small circles to put on top. My daughter actually tried to stack them when she saw them! To make them like watermelon pops, I served them to her on a stick and she ate them like lollipops.”

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