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Sawaya’s LEGO Life Reflections 5: Short Clips of The LEGO Artist at Work

It’s one thing to see great artwork and it’s another thing to see the great artist at work or hear him talk about his own work.  Thanks to You Tube we have easy access to such videos of our feature artist for the week – NATHAN SAWAYA.
Whether you are a lego-enthusiast  or not, you are still likely to be spellbound by what this young man can do with the simple brick as a medium.
Watch this video:
Building Art Out of Legos
from VOALearningEnglish
Watch this video:
Nathan Sawaya-The Lego Artist
from  Barcroftmedia
Watch this video:
LEGO Artist Nathan Sawaya 
Building at Top Speed
Timelapse video of legendary brick artist Nathan Sawaya 
creating a new sculpture for his museum tour, 
“The Art of the Brick.”
Game On-Nathan Sawaya at Zeitgeist Americas 
From zeitgeistminds
Game On– Gaming and entertainment permeate our lives, and will soon appear in places we have never imagined. Where did the story begin, and where could it end? 
Learn more about THE ART OF THE BRICK exhibition at the ARTSCIENCE Museum, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

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