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Creative Green Christmas Wrapping 4 -Music, News, Maps

Yes, you read that right.. music, news, maps–but of course we mean old or discarded ones. Salvage these wonderful printed materials to use as gift wrapping paper this Christmas!
Sheet Music
If you play an instrument and have some sheet music you don’t play anymore or are thinking of disposing,then stop for a moment and see how you can use them to wrap presents this Christmas.
Image Source
Image Source
How about a sheet music rose for a gift topper?
Rolled Sheet Music Flowers
Image Source
Click here for a tutorial on how to make rolled paper flowers
The Newspaper Bow by Urban Lace
If you know how to make a bow, just cut strips of newspaper and pretend it’s ribbon and do as you normally would 
to create a gift bow.
You can still go big on the bow even when cash is low..all you need is newspaper (and scissors & tape, of course, hahahaha)
Newspaper Comic Strip- Gift Wrap

Wrapping Project by Surviving The Stores
Do you have any old maps in your closet? Maybe an outdated atlas?  Just use red, green, or blue ribbon to make it festive and put it to good use! 
A lot of people these days use GPS. So it’s very likely that maps get chucked in the trash bin. So salvage them ASAP as they are sure to ‘direct’ you to a green wrapping adventure this season.
Image Source

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