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Creative Green Christmas Wrapping 3 – Furoshiki

Gift-giving and wrapping are two very important parts of Japanese culture. This tradition has been made more accessible to the English speaking world by a woman named Jennifer Playford who has created a whole line of gift wrapping cloth called Furochic” and a book called “Wrapagami”.
Today we take inspiration from the Japanese art of wrapping gifts with cloth. Whether you are buying Playford’s Furochic or using some scrap fabric at home, you are invited to go on a fun and green gift wrapping adventure here with us on Daily Dose of Art.
A Little About FUROCHIC
Wrapping a gift has never been so easy, eco-friendly and beautiful! Furochic™, printed with Jenn’s original patterns, is inspired by furoshiki, the traditional Japanese wrapping cloth. Furochic™ is part of the gift; it can be reused to wrap another gift or kept and treasured. Reduce waste and have fun! No scissors or tape required. Read more about Furochic…
Watch this Furochic wrapping demo of WRAPAGAMI author Jennifer Playford
Watch other FUROCHIC wrapping demos
Here are the 8  Basic FUROCHIC 
Wrapping Techniques
Image Source
Learn more Furoshiki Techniques

But of course, if Furochic is not available in your town or if you cannot afford to buy it –you can always mimic the Furochic concept of gift wrapping with fabric. Just remember to cut the fabric to a square, then just follow the wrapping chart, or create your own style of wrapping. 
Here are a few photos of how people have used scrap fabric to wrap their presents:
Wrap presents with Fabric Scraps
Image Source
Fabric Gift Wrap by Pink Olive
Make your own handprinted fabric gift wrap 
Click here for supplies and step by step instructions

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