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Creative Green Christmas Wrapping 5- Kraft Paper Wrap with a Twist

Today we continue with our feature on Creative Green Christmas Wrapping with a special focus on the unlimited possibilities of Kraft Paper for all your holiday wrapping.

So you’re one of those folks who just wants to wrap with rolled paper. If you must, please choose kraft paper. 

Let’s get to know this paper…

Recycled Kraft paper is made from 100% recycled materials – old corrugated cartons (post consumer) and paper processing production waste (post industrial). It is biodegradable, easily recyclable in existing waste streams, and compostable. Read more…
Stamps on Kraft Paper
Image from Sunset

Wrapping idea by Elise

Holiday gifts wrapped in kraft paper 
that were stamped with red trees; gift tags are letterpressed.


White and Silver Sharpie on Kraft Paper

Wrapping from Wit and Whistle

Whatever You Can Wrap Around the Kraft..

You can use some twine, sheet music and greens
Image Source

Kraft Paper & Doilies..great together!
Wrapping idea from Mummys shoes
Can’t go wrong with this..a hint of red makes kraft paper instantly festive..
Wrapping Ideas from A Pretty Life

Check what you already have at home that you can use or repurpose. Think of kraft paper as your canvas..anything goes.

Kraft & Rubber Band- what a combination!
You’ll have fun wrapping this one… and the recipient will have even more fun!!!
Wrapping Idea from Whimsey Box

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