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Creative Green Christmas Wrapping 2 – Muslins & Burlaps

Today I bring you creative ways of green wrapping using Muslin and Burlap.
Image and Project from MAYAMADE


  1. Fold a long rectangle of muslin in half.
  2. Cut the top with pinking sheers and sew up the sides.
  3. Turn so raw edges are in the interior.
  4. Pop in your gift and tie with ribbon or twine.


  1. Cut two identical rectangles of burlap (from recycled coffee sacks!) following the weave.
  2. Sew around three sides leaving a 3/4 inch seam allowance.
  3. Pull out strands of the weave on each side to create a neat, but frayed edge.
  4. Pop in your gift and tie with ribbon or twine.
More Burlap Wrapping ideas…
Burlap bag with a handstitched red heart 
Bag measures approx. 3″ X 5″‘ & features double draw strings. 
Perfect for wrapping small gifts or for party favors for your guests. Perfect rustic charm. Product Image from Etsy

Great use of Burlap & Scrap Fabric 
and  of course don’t forget 
the handwritten recycled paper-gift tags
Image Source
Check out some DIYS and Ideas with BURLAP

More Muslin Wrapping ideas…

Handstamped Muslin Gift Bags

Product Image from Etsy
Check out this  tutorial for DIY Handstamped Muslin Bags

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