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Christmas Crafts 6: Make Your Own Holiday Garlands

Today I share with you some Holiday Garland ideas. Whether you wrap it around your tree or hang it on your mantel or wall, a colorful garland will surely add to the joyful spirit in your home this holiday season.
1. Photo Garland

Project by Ellen Bloom
What a nice way to celebrate the wonderful people in your life this Christmas(and even throughout the year). 
Click here for step-by-step instructions.
Check out another photo garland project by The Little Brown House

2. Red, Green & White Felt Bunting
Image Source
Celebrate the holidays with this quaint string of felt bunting, adding colour and festivity to your home. This string of cherry red, forest green, mint green and white felt bunting is perfect for Christmas parties, kid’s rooms or any wall that needs a lift. All felt flags are handcut, unique and sewn individually into the garland.Learn more from Etsy
3. Trees & Mittens
4. Mini-Present Garland

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